Compliance with Professional Standards

Compliance with Professional Standards

CLIN Partners, through its multi skilled personnel can provide their clients with the required services tailored to their specific needs taking into account the accounting and control environment of the organization.

Professional care and independence

We exercise all reasonable skill, care, diligence and professionalism and carry our responsibilities in accordance with acceptable professional standards and in accordance with agreed terms and conditions;

While we carry out our work in consultation with the client, we ensure high level independence and integrity in the final output.


Our services comply with the highest possible professional standards and ethics of independence, integrity, objectivity and confidentiality are geared to suit the client’s business/activity. We give value for money. Our assignments are conducted in accordance with the required compliance standards and assurance services and best practice.

Logistics and Timing

We execute our assignments in a way that meets and exceeds the client’s expectations. We assign a team to each contract/task and vary the numbers of staff according to the job requirement, that is, we increase staff to ensure work is performed as soon as required. Our supervision is always intense to ensure quality is not compromised.

Our implementation strategy is designed to ensure that all tasks are conducted in accordance with the desired Quality Control Standards. All assignments are properly planned, controlled, recorded and reviewed to ensure adherence to our quality control standards.

Where specific guidelines are issued by the clients, we ensure that these are incorporated into our implementation strategy.